Petunia Bunny


Petunia Bunny loves to spend Sundays with her grandmother. First, they go to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market and pick out the ripest, most delicious fruit they can find. Then they go back to Grandma's house, where they make some lemonade and bake the fruit into mini pies. Finally, they pack everything up, and take it to Griffith Park for a picnic! After their picnic, they walk next to Fern Dell, where it is nice and cool. They look at all the trees, birds, and critters. It's the perfect day.

Petunia Bunny is 17" tall, and is made of organic cotton. Her dress and bloomers are made of organic, hand-dyed merino wool. Her ears are lined with vintage cotton fabric. She has plastic safety eyes, and is stuffed with recycled fiberfill. Petunia has two small plastic buttons, which makes her unsuitable for children under 3. Without the buttons, she is suitable for children of all ages.