Greta Monkey


Greta Monkey thinks that a cake plate is a perfect place to sit and rest. She is a little concerned that someone might think that she is a piece of cake, but she thinks it's worth the risk.

Greta Monkey has long, swingy arms and legs, which are great for hugs. Sometimes she likes to tuck her tail out of the way, so it's handy that it has a snap on the end -- along with a pretty, pink, satin ribbon. She thinks her blue flower is particularly kicky.

Greta Monkey is 13" tall, and is made from 100% organic cotton. She vintage cotton fabric and wool felt on her face. Her eyes are made from wooden beads. Greta has a pink satin ribbon on her tail, and a metal snap to hold her tail to her body. She is stuffed with hypoallergenic, recycled fiberfill.

Because Greta has several small parts, she is not suitable for children younger than three.